Madara Mason

Madara Mason's hats include painter, graphic designer, Instructional Designer, faculty educator, English Instructor, food blogger, and Oxford Comma Aficionado. If she's not in front of an easel, she's in front of a screen, or in front of a classroom. Her motto is "If you're not having fun, you're probably doing it wrong."


Nominate a CITE Fellow!

CITE Fellows are chosen through both nominations and a competitive interview process. We’re looking for faculty who are creative and  energetic risk-takers. Although we ask for tenured, tenure-track, and term faculty, we aren’t necessarily looking for experienced faculty. We strive each year to build a community of fellows, each of whom brings something different to the cohort: years of teaching experience, a fresh take on traditional pedagogies, a passion for interdisciplinarity, or fascination with technology. What we want is fellows who are prepared to innovate, collaborate, and lead. Who is that person in your academic community?

Please make sure you speak to your nominee prior to submitting the nomination form below. The expectations of a CITE Fellow are high and the activities create an additional workload for any faculty member. For more information on these activities, go to our Activity Calendar. To see what’s in it for the CITE Fellows, see this page.