Madara Mason

Madara Mason's hats include painter, graphic designer, Instructional Designer, faculty educator, English Instructor, food blogger, and Oxford Comma Aficionado. If she's not in front of an easel, she's in front of a screen, or in front of a classroom. Her motto is "If you're not having fun, you're probably doing it wrong."


Community is a driving force here at UAF eCampus. Community drives our classrooms, our faculty development, and the teams that comprise our support unit.

Google+ Community

The CITE Fellows have become a community as well. Our Innovation Lab, the first full-day activity we did with them, was full of community-building activities. Since we didn’t want to lose the connections we built in the first few months, we set up a Google+ Community. The Instructional Designers with whom the CITE Fellows are collaborating and the Fellows themselves are all contributing members of this community. Although we’re not allowing any more members to join, feel free to follow the conversations, resources, links, and reflections that take place there!

CITE Fellows Blog

They’re also writing great articles on this site that are in-depth looks at the process of trying to innovate. Some of the things they’re trying are really working and some are failing miserably, but these faculty learn from their experiences either way.

Read more here.

If you’re interested in joining one of our discussion groups, there are a number you might find interesting that are open to UAF faculty to join or follow:

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