Madara Mason

Madara Mason's hats include painter, graphic designer, Instructional Designer, faculty educator, English Instructor, food blogger, and Oxford Comma Aficionado. If she's not in front of an easel, she's in front of a screen, or in front of a classroom. Her motto is "If you're not having fun, you're probably doing it wrong."

CITE stands for the “Chancellor’s Program for Innovation in Technology and Elearning” and is a program that recruits, prepares, and supports dedicated teaching faculty in innovation in the field of online education as well as better teaching through the incorporation of thoughtful technological tools. We aim to engage faculty in activities that inspire, facilitate, and reward high-profile projects and courses. Any valuable changes to the quality of education must be lead by the faculty, and we want to support those leaders.

The CITE Fellows, along with their major projects, engage in outreach to other faculty by sharing their experiences during our main faculty development initiative, iTeach. We’re always looking to include more faculty expertise, and it begins with the CITE Fellows.  The Fellows are also asked to create and lead informal discussions on teaching and pedagogy, called Faculty on TAP. We’re here to simply grease the wheels by providing food and experienced teachers and curriculum developers to add to the conversation.

To see the larger projects the CITE Fellows are working on, take a look at the Projects page.