Heidi Olson

Heidi enjoys working with content experts in developing eCampus courses to provide alternatives for students. Her other interests include faculty training in best practices for eCampus and researching eCampus tools to help fulfill learning outcomes.Having worked in the distance education arena for over 20 years, she has a wide range of experiences in supporting students and faculty as technology and pedagogy evolve.

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It is time once again for the TAB (Technology Advisory Board) proposals to be submitted. Technology Fees collected from students ($5/credit) are dispersed through a proposal system through the Chancellor’s office.  Proposals are due: Feb 14, 2014. Apply at http://www.uaf.edu/tab/

Each proposal must focus on technology of direct benefit to students either in the classroom or related educational/learning activities. Proposals have covered a wide variety of projects from enhancing software available to students in the classroom to new technology that assists students with analysis of lab problems to case-hardened computers linked with GPS systems for geology field work. TAB has interpreted “innovative technology” rather broadly but focuses on “innovative.”

For more information, see http://www.uaf.edu/tab/