Madara Mason

Madara Mason's hats include painter, graphic designer, Instructional Designer, faculty educator, English Instructor, food blogger, and Oxford Comma Aficionado. If she's not in front of an easel, she's in front of a screen, or in front of a classroom. Her motto is "If you're not having fun, you're probably doing it wrong."

CITE Fellows Projects

Innovation in the making...

The Time is Now

UAF eCampus and the CITE Fellows are working hard to create a hub of the most innovative faculty on campus to inspire others and forge new directions in education.

Innovative Ideas

UAF is home to some extremely gifted and dedicated faculty. They’re full of ideas and they’re unafraid to fail! We’re clearing roadblocks and providing expert assistance to help them be as successful as possible.

Advanced Technology

Not all of the CITE Projects use advanced technology, but when they do, the Instructional Design Team is there to research, explore, and provide training for the CITE Fellows.


Although innovation often happens in isolation, community is still a necessary part of the equation. We facilitate both online and face-to-face discussions for the CITE Fellows, often including the Instructional Design Team.